Diversify your revenue with Content Walls.

With the ad-driven business model under pressure, publishers must evolve beyond a reliance solely on ad revenue. The Content Wall is the mechanism by which you exchange access to your content for something of value. Commonly, this is a paywall, requiring payment for a premium subscription, but as we will see this is not the only value you can demand.

A Content Wall is the best way to:
  • Provide stable revenue by monetizing readers directly.
  • Better align the publisher and editorial sides of your business.
  • Offset the effect of ad blockers on the bottom line.
  • Decrease reliance on traffic from platforms.
  • Take back ownership of your audience.

Fortunately, as online ad revenue declines, readers’ willingness to pay for online content is increasing. Audiences are demanding more quality content, and they’re starting to accept that it may come at a cost.

This makes it the perfect time for publishers to pursue a Content Wall model. Download your copy to find out how to get started.